"Vista" is a top and respected Ukrainian producer of mayonnaise, sauces, condensed milk, vegetable creams, margarines and spreads. The company has been on the market for over 24 years and combines leading technologies with Ukrainian traditions!
"Vista" company was founded in 1998 by a team of young, energetic and goal-oriented like-minded people. In the same year, a workshop for the production of light oils was built.

At the beginning of 1999, the production of light oils and margarines at our own production was established. Thanks to the excellent quality of the products, the "Vista" company began to rapidly conquer the market.

In 2000, our company continued to increase the volume of production of light oils and put into operation a shop for the production of mayonnaise and sauces.
Production volumes are increasing annually, and the range of manufactured products is constantly expanding. The production program includes a wide range of light and combined oils, mayonnaise, sauces and mustard.

  • Modern equipment
    The company is equipped with equipment of both Ukrainian and European production of the latest generation. The commissioning of new modern equipment and the use of advanced technologies allow the manufacture of products that meet European quality standards at an affordable price.
  • Artesian water
    Only high quality, natural raw materials are used in the manufacture of the products. Special attention is paid to the quality of water, as it is one of the components that influence the organoleptic indicators of the product and its microbiological purity. The water comes to the production facilities from a 125 m deep artesian well and is effectively purified in four stages.
  • Laboratory control
    The company has two laboratories: a physico-chemical and a bacteriological. They have a certificate of competence. This allows both the control of incoming raw materials and the control of all indicators of the final products. The continuous quality control of the products is constantly carried out.
  • Production technologies
    Our equipment allows you to produce a product with high biological value - mayonnaise, a multi-component system containing vegetable oils, dried milk, egg powder, sugar, salt and other food additives. They have a certificate of competence. This allows the control of both incoming raw materials and all indicators of the final products.
  • National awards
    "Vista" LLC was a repeated nominee and winner of many Ukrainian awards for recognition of product quality. In particular, "Vista" LLC was awarded gold medals of the All-Ukrainian tasting competition of the national rating "Best Brand of Ukraine", Kiev
  • Synergy is a key
    Thanks to our products, our customers have increased their loyal audience and profits. Cooperation with us is a guarantee of a reliable and long-term partnership and a guarantee that your dishes will be remembered with warmth and will be happy to come back!
The company "Vista" develops various types of mayonnaise and sauces according to the specific requirements of the customer: HoReCa, cooking, catering companies.

This service provides for the manufacture of products of the major trading companies of the Ukrainian market under their brands. Successful passing of audits and tenders once again confirms the high quality of products of TM "Vista" and conformity of production to the highest standards.
For example, our developments were the following types of sauces:
  • Bulgarian - spicy, with pieces of bell pepper and paprika.
  • Strong - delicate taste, with natural herbs, dill and pieces of garlic
  • Tatar - spicy taste, with natural pieces of cucumber and spices
  • Georgian - harmonious traditional taste
  • Curry - a sauce prepared with natural Indian spices

If you are the owner of a cafe or restaurant, contact us. Technologists of the company "Vista" will give you professional advice and develop for you an individual product based on natural components with a high degree of microbiological purity and with the taste and aroma characteristics you desire.

By the way, this kind of laboratory allows us to be sure that you eat not only tasty food, but also healthy food!
Organic, sustainability & environmental friendliness
The main factor for the success of our products is ecologically clean and natural Ukrainian raw materials. We love our business, we do it with all our heart and we are proud that people can enjoy a natural and healthy product. And when our products are combined with Ukrainian service and hospitality - it is a guaranteed success for your business!
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We are always happy to help and to provide best sauces for your business!

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